• Rubber Tree Roots to Energy in Yantakao, Thailand


    The largest biomass gasification plant in Asia

    Producing 12.8 million kcal/hr of Renewable Fuel from 167 tons per day of rubber tree roots.

    Using rubber tree roots as feedstock makes this project in Thailand the first of its kind in the world. Amazingly, this gasification plant operates in Ultra Clean Gas Mode which generates 12.8 million kCal/hr of renewable fuel gas, making it the largest gasification plant in Asia.

    Project Highlights Technical Specifications
    Consumes 4,800 kg/hr of rubber tree roots
    Generate 12.8 million kCal/hr
    > 80% Cold Gas Efficiency
    No stack emissions and offsite effluent discharge
    3 units of DD1800 Gasifiers
    Ultra Clean Gas Mode
    Plant footprint of 775 m2
    Make-up water of 4m3/hr

    Energy Crop