• Why Gasification and Blue Flame™?


    Cheaper & Abundant Feedstock

    • Biomass as fuel which is much cheaper when compared to fossil fuel.
    • Millions of tons per year of agricultural residue is generated in the world.

    Renewable, Green & Clean

    • Waste-to-Energy with agricultural or wood waste as biomass feedstock is renewable.
    • Biomass contains negligible amounts of sulphur (which leads to acid rain).
    • Gasifier is carbon-negative as it does not emit carbon besides the Biochar which can be utilised for several other applications including carbon sequestration.

    High Efficiency Process

    • Hot Gas Efficiency ≥ 75% of biomass energy is recovered before Producer Gas conditioning.
    • Cold Gas Efficiency ≥ 65% of biomass energy is recovered after Producer Gas conditioning.

    Replacement of Fossil Fuel

    • The Producer Gas can be used for electrical and thermal applications that currently use fossil fuel, such as engine fuel to generate electricity or boilers to generate steam.
    • This allows for the clients’ long term cost reduction to purchase fossil fuels while abiding to environmental regulations.


    • Blue Flame™ caters to a wide range of applications including electrical and thermal applications.
    • Gasification system accepts a wide range of solid biomass and may switch between different types with minimal or zero reconfiguration.
    • Blue Flame™ also provides decentralized electrification for rural areas.