• Empty Fruit Bunch: 280KWe. Sabah, Malaysia


    The First EFB gasification plant in the World in Serudong, Malaysia

    Substituting diesel with Pressed EFB

    EFB is an ideal opportunity fuel for conversion of Renewable Fuel and Renewable Energy. With improved processing efficiency, high value bio energy is produced, while considerably reducing the mill’s carbon footprint. All this is achieved by generating revenue and profit from material that has historically been a cost item.

    Project Highlights Technical Specifications
    Conversion of Pressed EFB to Renewable Fuel
    Produces 2 ton/hr of pellets for production
    Produces 1 ton/hr of briquettes for Gasification Plant
    Gasification Plant consumes 360 kg/hr to generate Producer Gas
    1 unit of DD400 Biomass Gasifier
    Plant consumes 100 ton/day to generate:
    i) 280 kW of Clean Renewable Energy
    ii) 350 kg/day of Biochar
    iii) 15 ton/day of Solid Fuel
     • No stack emissions and offsite effluent discharge