• Wood Chips: 1.2MWe, Sri Lanka


    Wood Chips to Energy in Embilipitiya, Sri Lanka

    Empowering Local Communities to Light Up Sri Lanka

    Embilipitiya, located in the Ratnapura District of Sri Lanka is home to over 200,000 people. Aside from generating power from biomass, the project plays a role in helping the community generate income from the selling of 25 types of wood that are locally grown.

    Project Highlights Technical Specifications
    Conversion of wood chips into Renewable Fuel
    Generates 1.2MW of electricity to be sold to the grid
     Dry Scrubber System with zero wastewater
    1 unit of DD1800 Biomass Gasifier
    Gasification Plant consumes 55 ton/day to generate:
    ~ 1,200 kW of Clean Renewable Energy
    ~ 81 kg/hr of high quality biochar
     No stack emissions and offsite effluent discharge

    Woody Biomass