• Energy Crop: 650KWe. Nongbua, Thailand


    Harvesting Renewable Energy from Planted Trees in Nongbua, Thailand

    Producing 650 kWe of Renewable Fuel from planted trees

    “Powering Communities & Employing People” program in Nakorn Sawan. This project produces electric energy from locally available feedstock. The feedstock is supplied within a 640 hectare plantation programme managed by a local organized cooperative in order to ensure public participation and stable supply of sustainably farmed biomass.

    Project Highlights Technical Specifications
    Consumes 765 kg/hr of locally sourced chunky wood
    Generates 500 kWe
    1 unit of DD850 Biomass Gasifier
    Downdraft Gasifier in Auto-Ultra Clean Gas Mode
     • 25mm to 75mm of wood chips at any dimensions
     • Moisture level of less than 20%


    Energy Crop