• ABOUT US

    About Us

    We are Renewables Plus.

    Renewables Plus Sdn Bhd’s core business is development of renewable energy projects using select technologies. The core technologies are biomass gasification and thermal plasma gasification selected for their efficiency and cost effectiveness. These technologies conveniently convert organic and non-organic wastes to clean renewable energy.

    Additionally, R+ is a renewable energy company having a portfolio of distributed biomass energy solutions. These solutions cater for a wide range of biomass and scheduled wastes. RPL’s integrated modular systems are built to international standards and are priced to create attractive project economics.


    Our Expertise

    The focus of our expertise is renewable energy project development. Our expertise is drawn from such relevant fields as thermo-chemical engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, project management, administration and finance etc. Our expertise comes from Team members who have come together from a multitude of backgrounds, race and nationalities to work together to provide responsible renewable energy solutions that satisfy.